Saturday, September 19, 2009


Don’t Forget World Alzheimer’s DayTM , Monday September 21st. This year’s theme is:
“Diagnosing Dementia seeing it sooner”
This a trademark of Alzheimer’s disease International which is a Non-profit registered in Illinois.
Friends of ADI is a UK registered charity.

It is the Federation of 71 Alzheimer’s Associations around the World.

ADI notes to have official relations with the World Health Organization.

They Have Four Full time staff.

There are about 52 countries registered for World ALZ DayTM according to the ADI website.
Activities Range from Alzheimer’s Walks, to Conferences and Information Sessions.

Nepal for example is noted to be having a Memory Walk and Talk show

Poland is having a Street Campaign, open doors, and a picnic.

Cuba is having a memory walk in many cities including Havana, national and local meetings.

Canada is listed as having a national media campaign issuing a call to action to federal parliamentarians, online survey, Coffee Break® fundraiser across the country.

We of course in the States and the UK are having our memory walks mostly occurring now in September and Early October, usually on a Saturday.

The Alzheimer’s Association lists 23,357 walk teams so far across the States with a Goal of 30,000 teams.

The Link for ADI is:
Of Course the Alzheimer’s Association link is

You can find a local walk in your general geographic vicinity.
Raise Awarenss. Raise some money for a rightous cause.
So Get out and Walk already for crying out loud!

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