Friday, September 18, 2009

Scooter Accident-Accessing Health Care

It only takes about a millisecond for things to go wrong and have a bad accident, facing death or severe injury. We do live in the moment, we can not really control the future and the past has already happened. Despite all this "pseudo-intimacy" or the Internet, which is really immediacy and not intimacy, we are still human beings who feel pain and joy, and there is simply no way the immediacy of the Internet can ever replace the support, compassion and nurturance one human being provides to another. I think the connectedness and the decrease in the feeling of isolation the Internet gives us is phenomenal, I think when we expect something else out of it, that is when it leads to problems. It is hard for me still to grasp how the generation under age thirty approaches the Internet as such an intimate thing, with all the social networking and such. We don't have to shake hands anymore, or look someone in the eye, or be in the same space as someone, and yet kids under age thirty consider this social networking intimate. My wife and I are reading a book by the founder of google, it talks about this a lot, generally putting a positive spin on everything. The bottom line is the Internet is changing society probably for better and worse.
Through all the immediacy and attention and exposure and support people crave, we are more exposed than ever. Yet paradoxically we are more invisible than ever, since everyone will be on the Internet and networking eventually, who will notice?
I am reminded of all this, as I was recently lambasted by my niece for "using her" to forward my blog address to people on a an email forward she sent me with 30 people, whom I did not know, who were in her address book. I thought I would just publicize the blog if anyone was interested. I was not making money, hurting or exploiting anyone. But apparently this is an emotional and Internet attrocity . I never really knew. Of course I apologized to her, but for the life of me, I still don't understand the new age of all this. In doing this blog I am still learning.
What does all this have to do with a recent scooter accident?
Well last weekend, I got really hurt. I have had to access much health care over the last week, and it has not been pretty. It is extremely personal and intimate. I debated all week whether or not to blog about it. What would be the point? Interesting read? Catharsis? It is hard for me to do any major action without considering the utility and if it would help anyone else.
Well as I see it, AD is related to health care, health care is a hot immediate topic, I had a head injury, etc. Anyways I think I will talk about it. ...

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