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Tomorrow is set-up for festival of trees. We will have some helpful info from Local Chapter of Alzheimer's Association, thanks to Esther over at the Duluth office. We will also have Help info from the National Family Caregivers Association (0NFCA) thanks to Suzanne over there in the great state of Maryland. Yes I love the Crab Cakes over at Obrycki's. and the old water taxis to Fell's Point. Of course the state is not just a suburb of DC and the inner harbor, in fact the whole state is beautiful. I sure miss the crab especially since Brian Williams told us on the NBC news last night how filthy and carcinogenic the crab and all seafood is from Thailand and Viet Nam is, it makes me realize I could eat a lot more healthy in Baltimore than I could in Duluth. - probably more cheaply too.

Speaking of DC don't forget our president declared November 2010. From the White House:
Yes the President signed a proclamation.
Don't forget if I actually sell a book or two at the Duluth Junior League Festival of Trees this weekend, I will be donating some back to the NFCA.
If you actually take the time to read some of this blog over the last year, you know how skeptical I am of big government, big corporate entities, including those of all tax statuses such as no profits. (Did you ever notice how many non-profits are located in and around the beltway-why is that?)  However the NFCA really struck me as so important and meaningful and useful. It started with a real mission from real people and the beauty is, "it has not gotten to big for its britches", it really cares about a segment very often overlooked. that is the Caregiver. I very much respect them.
As far as the Alzheimer's Association, the real work still happens down at the local grassroots level and there are so many people working hard there with sometimes little day to day support and limited resources, but those local support groups make all the difference in the world. Those phone calls to the local chapter, offering information and support go so far. It is just good people working and caring down at the local chapter level. It is sort of where the "rubber meets the road". if you will.
My buddies Ken and Kathy Kollodge from the Kollodge have donated a Sunflower Photograph worth about $250 and a cubical art painting of a sunflower, (for your desk) which we will raffle off and give away Sunday to a lucky winner.
don't forget the sunflower is really important throughout history. The Aztecs sure liked it. It symbolizes many things including loyalty and wishes. I think which are extremely relevant things to the Caregiver.

In fact Ken is having an opening:
Ken Kollodge ice photographs at Art of Hair
from Duluth News Tribune:
"Ken Kollodge lived in Alaska for 30 years, and will be showing his photographs from the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks. Large blocks of ice were carved into sculptures, and Kollodge captured the patterns of light within the ice. They will be exhibited at the Art of Hair, 1427 London Road through December. The opening reception is 5-8 p.m. Friday."

The book tour writing blog continues. The diversity and individuality of people's blogs is quite amazing. Blogging is such a wonderful thing isn't it?

The Christmas City is the North Parade is Friday night, It is a big ole Duluth event. It is usually damn cold, but then again "the cold does not bother us" hmmm.
My little son, who is not little anymore, gets to march in the parade. He is playing sax, he generally only likes guitar and writing music, but the sax is okay. I encouraged him to take up Oboe, as I felt he needed a concert ssymphony instrument. He was okay at it, but generally ambivalent of it and suspicious as he was leery that is was too feminine of an instrument. Unfortunately the band teacher made him stay with it, as there is a paucity of oboe players in the concert band. However he has started Bassoon, which is more appealing it appears, and more masculine. with its tenor, tt is actually my favorite sounding instrument in many ways. In the end again his true love is first and only guitar.

I am still waitng for a copy of Joe Potocny's book, can't wait to read it, he is over at living with Alzheimer's blog.

Well enough stream of consciousness, if you are a caregiver, I hope you had time to read this mind idling stuff in this post and take your mind of your stress for only a couple minutes at least. I know the holidays are coming upon us and it is a particularly tough time for many caregivers, they still make me really sad in ways as I miss my parents even 25 years later.
If you are caregiving for a family member or loved one, or if you work in the caregiving world, God Bless you and as we used to say in 1974, Keep on Truckin baby.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Duluth Junior League Festival of Trees- Book Signing

I will be at the Junior League Annual Festival of Trees in Duluth, MN  on Saturday and Sunday November 20 and 21, all day, both days, at the DECC (Duluth Entertianment and Convention Center.) There will be a booth, with the publisher Niagara Press. There are hundreds of booths with vendors, selling everything from books to crafts and anything else might need for Christmas shopping ideas.
I will be signing and selling copies of "When Can I Go Home?"  on both days. A Portion of the proceeds will be from the book sales and will be donated to the National Family Caregivers Association. which is a very relevant organization. Check it out.
There will also be a drawing for a painting from the Kollodge Art Gallery in Duluth. Ken and Kathy are really cook people and owners of that gallery. They lived in Alaska for many years before coming down to Duluth, so they have many insights from their life experience and it shows in their work. Basically anyone that purchases a copy of "When can I Go Home?" will be entered into a free drawing to win the painting. The winner will be drawn Sunday towards the end of the Festival.
I will also have some other helpful information about Alzheimer's available at the booth from the Local Alzheimer's Association as well as the publisher Niagara Press.
There is also a On Line Auction for the Festival of Trees, with all kinds of donated items. I donated two copies of the book for this auction. The Junior League has been around for a long time and for many decades has been a leading organization in the realm of volunteerism and giving back to the community.

Talking about the book with the Lake Superior wind....... a calm day