Sunday, April 25, 2010

To Dr. Joe

I am having some problems with your posts. For me they are not simple enough. We with this disease really have problems with professional type language. This is not a complaint, just telling you my side when I read your posts. I know your site is for caregivers and to help them. But I know a few of us with AD that read your blog, they may also have this problem. I still consider you a friend, even is you are a shrink. That does not make you bad. My day today is, I sucked up my blog, brain is shrinking and so is my understanding of what I read or attempt to.

God Bless You My Friend,


karen said...

I think alot of us might have a little trouble understanding the docs. post but I still love to try. Take care both of you joes.

Edna said...

The Book 'When Can I go Home" when is this book coming out? You sent me an advanced copy a long time ago and I did the review on my blog but Amazon still has not released it. I am not going to worry about doing anything else with this book.

Thanks and may God Bless

Joseph J. Sivak MD said...


You and nine other people were selected through "Goodreads" in Feb to get an advanced copy. Something like eleven hundred people requested the book but the publisher Niagara Press made only 10 free advance review copies available to Goodreads and also 10 copies available to "LibraryThing" in a similar giveaway.
Thank You for your review.
I will provide the link to Goodreads:
and to LibraryThing,

The reviews at Librarything are a bit more positive.

As it says on the blog here and on the publisher website, it will be available in June 2010.
The publication date is June 16, 2010. I think it will be released into distribution in late May. At that point it will be available at Amazon and most other online retailers.
What else were you worried about doing with the book?

Joseph J. Sivak MD said...
sorry there is the link for library thing just cut and paste and I will also put it on posts.

Talking about the book with the Lake Superior wind....... a calm day