Saturday, April 3, 2010

Joe Potocny Living With Alzheimer's Blog

I would like to thank Joe Potocny for the honor of being invited to guest blog on his piece of the internet.
Joe has Alzheimer's. Joe is a tough, smart and dignified guy. His mission is to help us to all remember. Joe lets us know that you never ever cast aside a human being who has the disease. It is as simple as that. He has a fantastic blog and you see his essence and spirit in the glowing faces of his offspring. The disease never ever takes that away. Joe read my memoir When Can I go Home? I was greatly honored to get his thoughts and his review. I mean why not just ask someone who has the disease? They are people just like everyone else. They count and they matter. Sometimes it was a little hard for him to get through the pages, he did it, he took it seriously and responsibly, because he knows it matters but most importantly: he matters.
My gratitude for him knows no bounds. go to his blog and read his thoughts, his feelings. This disease is not about what we assume it is about, it is about names and faces, people who matter, human beings who count.
Here's to you Mr. Joseph Potocny.......



Thank You for posting

Freid Fighthing Alzheimer said...

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Health said...

The early stages of Alzheimer's and other causes of dementia can be difficult to spot, but there are some signs that are useful in spotting the disease.

iona Askew said...

We call it 'the family disease' as it affects all of us, not just Dad, who has the disease. We are lucky enough to have a large close family, so Dad can live with us and be looked after. We were recommended a wonderful resource, a free bonus ebook all about Alzheimers which has helped guide us through the stages, and what to expect. As his primary carer, knowing what to expect has been a Godsend - we can be prepared for most things. Every day Dad and I go for a walk, even if it's just 10 minutes, as I';m sure the fresh air helps too, that and good food and brain exercises - crosswords etc. Hopefully the book might help your readers too.
Seven Second Memory ebook

Talking about the book with the Lake Superior wind....... a calm day