Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Resolve to Keep your Mind Sharp in 2010

Resolve to Keep your Mind Sharp in 2010

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Now Just a couple observations....remember what an apple a day keep the.....
Now that saying has been around for a long long time.
Interestingly if you read the article, in the rodent studies it appears something in the apples raises neurotransmitter levels, like acetylcholine, thats exactly what most of the FDA approved meds for Alzheimer's do. Interesting, but I suppose apples have a lot less side effects.
Another question I have is that the 20 or so Alzheimer's victims in the study did better when they were given apple juice daily. Do you think the researcher assistants just plunked the apple juice down in front of the AD victim and told them to drink it? Or do you think they actually took the human compassionate time, visited the person daily and were actually kind and decent to them in giving them some attention? Human decency is never considered a confounding variable in research, but I have a sneaking suspicion they were treated with attentive dignity and compassion. Could that play a part even a little in improving a persons cognition and psychotic symptoms?..........I'm just saying is it possible?

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Alzheimer's Support Canada said...

Focusing on preventing Alzheimer's and improving cognition may be an option. We do however, need a cure.

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