Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Media-Research-Alzheimer's Breakthroughs

Did you ever notice how many treatments and cures there are for Alzheimer's.
Cell phones, video games, vitamins, statins, anti-inflamatories, high fat diets, low fat diets, all kinds of diets, lots of coffee, no coffee, more exercise, think healthy thoughts, sudoku's etc etc and on and on, we cling to each new breakthrough, and possible cure, but we never really look at the process. It is almost like finding the missing pearl in the shell.
We accuse the drug companies of holding out. Not enough money for reaearch, not enough dedicated to research. The pearl must be sop basic and so obvious, it must be right under our noses. Probably not.
Emerge the media. On a slow news day- big reporting,
"A NEW ALZHEIMER'S BREAKTHROUGH" and so it goes, and caregivers and victims get their hopes up. They are little pieces of the puzzle. It is an emotional roller coaster for the caregiver, who cling to every media report, only to be let down. If the cure was cell phones, or a vitamin, wouldn't that really have caught on by now?
I wish the media outlets would do an expose on what the media process does to people, and maybe we need a summation of all the little breakthroughs, the tiny pieces of the huge Alzheimer's puzzle we have filled on so far.-
Except that would not make good news. It would not be sensational for people. Not like "THE" BREAKTHROUGH. We are constantly hit with promises of a clear and completed puzzle. As family members we cling to any hope. It is human and it helps those suffering with the disease and their family members.
We are more quick fix, and need instantaneous gratification more than ever, I wish the answer was truly as simple as the constant claims make it out to be. I guess it makes news and gives people something to talk about. It does raise awareness. I keep thinking their must be something more than raising awareness, and reporting on the latest, previously missed, yet so obvious breakthrough. Something just is not right about the whole picture.

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