Monday, January 25, 2010

Kindle, nook, iSlate

What are books coming to? Electronic tablets. A far cry from the stone tablets that back a long time ago, seemed to probably dominate the written means of communication.
Unlike other animals we seem to have an edge on not just opposable thumbs but on communication. Very developed I'm sure.
Can anyone under thirty remember much about existence before cell phones?
And so it goes. Will the printing press ie. words on paper go the way of the LP and cassette tape and vcr tape?
A most interesting question is: What will happen to our attention spans?
Everything is so on demand now. We are more plugged in and connected than ever. We don't have to interface with people live and in person and face to face so much anymore. Texting is easier. Email is easier. skype, video conferencing, twitter, snippets of info. Multi-tasking.
Hey I think I got adult ADD. Is it a culture bound syndrome?
So is the average nook or kindle buyer really going to download, War and Peace, or Don Quixote? My God you actually have to sit still and concentrate. How boring and un-novelle. That is so not on demand.
Wouldn't it be easier to just peruse 10 new books rather than reading one?
I hope the kindle and iSlate and nook actually ease our growing illiteracy rate. I mean why wouldn't they. And they are so much greener. Right?

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