Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guest Blogger and Radio Interview and other stuff.

I seem to get a lot of queries about SSRI's so I am going to try and technologically advance and do an audio podcast on them over the next week or two. I don't know how it will go, so bear with me.
I will be on Wisconsin Public Radio this coming Monday 3/15/10 at 8am CST, talking about Alzheimer's and When can I Go Home? So if you are the neighborhood of Milwaukee, or Madison, or north of Chicago, or East of the Twin Cities, tune into your local WPR affiliate.

Now I have had this blog up for maybe 7 months. I am sure you are as tired of listening to me as I am, so it is time to move into a new realm. The realm of guest bloggers. I will have my first one coming on in a few days.
His name is John H. Pruett Jr. He is a therapist and counselor down in Georgia. His father has Alzheimer's. Not so long ago, I had the honor and pleasure to be able to read a little story/tribute he wrote about his Dad. I don't want to sound too cliche' but it was pretty moving and just a really decent, honorable little piece. The bottom line is John writes from the heart, he respects and cherishes that father-son bond, a bond that is now painted but not broken by Alzheimer's. The bond of the parent-child really resonates with me, so anyways I asked him to come on the blog. I told him he can write about whatever he wants, but it does not matter, he's a good, decent guy and a good, decent son. It should be fun.

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