Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Major news outlets buzzing about report released by the Alzheimer's Association today. It all comes from a press release from the Alz Assoc. It is always good and important to keep this in conscious awareness. Data comes from a Federal Survey, not sure who conducted by, but the just of it is that African-Americans are at twice the risk of whites, and Hispanics 1.5 times greater risk than whites at developing the disease. It does point out the relative under-diagnosis in these racial groups. I think the point is that part of the rise in these numbers, is that fact that it is now being diagnosed more often in these racial groups.
Alzheimer's does cut across all socio-economic groups races and religions. It will be important to see how this new report affects research funding, I certainly hope it does in a significant way.
It is still underfunded, relative to other diseases, and still profoundly ignored.
Its an awesome press release and the Association is doing their job at raising awareness. I wish it made the nightly new every night. It is impossible to over-publicize this problem and health epidemic. A sound bite from someone on the news called it the "Silver Tsunami" in terms of the continuous increasing numbers, and projections over the next 20 years.
Not a coincidence of this release today is the fact that tonight the National Alzheimer's Gala at the National Building Museum in Washington DC is tonight. Tickets are $500 a person.
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