Monday, October 26, 2009

The toll of Alzheimer's

What does Alzheimer's do to a family? We know about the financial toll, the cost of caring for somone with AD, usually met by family. We know their are terrible and unconscioinable inadequacies in reimbursement by third party payors, insurance companies, public or private, for paying for someones care with AD. There is no decent or ethical reason for it.

What about the toll to the caregiver's health. It is a fact that primary caregivers, have more health problems and such ailments as major depression, compared to somone in the same age group whom is not a caregiver.
What about the toll on the family? It often leads to heartache and strife. among family members, among siblings, over making the best decisions for their loved one with AD. AD sometimes tends to divide and conquer families.
What about the emotional and spiritual toll? Do we have enough to make it? Things are never the same when you have a family member with AD. Death is death, and things are never the same after loosing a loved one, any disease that mames and kills is to be depsised by humanity. We try to conquor it back.
What is it about Alzheimer's?
One of the greatest joys is a new born baby, a infant gorwing into a toddler in front of our eyes. A little baby smiling and the promise of hope and a future brings joy and a smile to most human beings.
AD and the assumption of the disease is basically the opposite of that. To see a full fledged human being in their fully developed self, slowly devolving, being robbed of their mind and personality, their essence, their ability to love and laugh, to feel... it is remarkable.
It is amazing that given the toll this does take, that families' spirits and souls survive such a diabolical entity. To witness this in a loved one and to go on is a true testament to our very basic nature. The nature of humankind.


karen said...

So True. Every thing you wrote has happened to this family. God help us all.

Lisa said...

And is happening here as well. Yes, God help us all...

Talking about the book with the Lake Superior wind....... a calm day