Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alzheimer's News.

So many things to talk about and so little time it seems.

There is the new data suggesting that dysfunction in the realm of visual-spatial reasoning in the brain may be one of the earliest signs of AD, even before loss of short term memory becomes apparent as an early sign. Not a new concept, but important to revisit and break it down, and an important area for much more extensive research. One thing that comes to mind is this may be a significant factor in why many AD victims are prone to more falling even in most early stages. (more than any of us realize)

Research study out of Toulouse, France finding that victims with AD and co-existing Diabetes actually had somewhat of a slower rate of decline in mental status scores compared to victims of AD that didn't have Diabetes. This one is new and it is one where you really have to look at the study and design and the actual statistical significance. I would say we really need some more work in this area before drawing and major conclusions, as to what or why, but as far as I can tell this has never been found, or for that matter even looked for before. Interesting study.

Then the biggest hyped-story related to AD, head injuries and the NFL and higher rates of dementia. This is the biggest story because in our popular culture, there is no question that Americans care more about the National Football League than Alzheimer's Disease- (unless of course it affects you personally)- This one is definitely not a new idea, previous history of head injury has just about (seems like forever) been considered a risk factor for AD. We just got caught up in other things in the 90's and 2000's in regard to AD and risk factors and put this one on the back burner for awhile. Now it is back. So it is a lot about the NFL but anything that increases awareness we will take. Right?

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