Friday, September 10, 2010


Well it is back to school time. N Minnesota saw a really hot summer. On the Western Terminus of Lake Superior it gets hot a few times every summer, up around 90 degrees. But it only lasts a few days here and there. This summer it was hot in the 80's for days on end, sometimes for weeks at a time. By American standards that is not really much, considering how warm it gets in other parts of the country. Right after labor day, it was like instant fall. Now it gets cold for the next 10 months. The temperature correlates with peoples attitudes. I mean the cold grates on you, I don't know how Canadians do it. Yes you can always wear three coats, bu t it still wears you out spiritually. Most people that live in the cold, pretend it does not bother them, or they are not even aware how it affects them. We like to think about the daylight, and seasonal affective disorder, and the pineal gland and melatonin and all that fun stuff, that has modest scientific review. Yes it does exist, but nobody really considers the cold.
Well we will try avoiding using the furnace for as long as possible. Hopefully can get another month in.
Lots of unhappy anniversary dates in September. It is exactly 10 years ago September 10, since I ruptured my Achilles tendon, simply paying tennis. That seemed to take forever to get better. Then on September 12th it will be exactly one year ago since I broke my face in three places falling off a scooter. See old blogs, hard to believe this blog has been up for over a year already. My face still hurts. I still don't know how I went back to work in a week back then , if only out of necessity.
Then a few months ago in going through my mother's old scrap book, I found out it was September 10th 1933, when she was in a tragic car accident. She was 16 and sustained a fractured skull. Interestingly she was back to school in a couple week after being in a coma. See old blogs about head injuries and development of Alzheimer's.
Then of course we have 9/11 for all Americans, 9 years and we all remember what we were doing when we heard, I know I do.
On the good side of September we have the start of football season. Nice night for the Saints and the city of New Orleans last night and not too good for local fans around here as the Vikes take a hit.
Well as the seasons continue to fly by, take care of yourselves, as a caregiver you still get to be human. Remember the day is only 24 hours, unlike the legendary Alzheimer's book says, you will all make it. The days grow shorter now, except for our friends in Australia and N Zed. If you live in a place where the leaves change, get out and take a serious walk over the next month and enjoy it. If you can take your loved one with you safely, then go for it, or just go for a drive. Everyone likes to go for a ride. The kids, the dog, people with AD. Where I live interestingly it goes from green to white. In other words sometimes it snows before the maple trees even turn yellow and orange or think about loosing their leaves. But time keeps marching on.

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