Sunday, August 1, 2010

Elder Rage Review

Here is a review I posted on Amazon for Elder Rage, Jacqueline Marcell's book about her struggle with her father's Alzheimer's:

-"As a Physician and a Caregiver for my mother diagnosed with Alzheimer's when I was a teen, I recommend this book to caregivers. Not only do I advise this book to be read by caregivers but by the general public at large. Alzheimer's is something we don't want to know about or hear about till it touches our own family. It's time we open our eyes. The book is thorough, gripping, and filled with insights that offer utility to caregivers of AD victims. No matter what age you are when a parent or loved one is affected, AD is a coming of age process. It makes people grow up, and dig down inside ones' spirit to find the courage to persevere. Jacqueline did something with this courage and fortitude and offers it to others in similar circumstance. I had the pleasure of appearing on the Author's Radio Show "Coping With Caregiving", and found her to be gracious and a Caregiver Advocate, filled with passion and zeal toward bringing this disease out of the darkness. It is a passion and insight that I rarely see in regard to this devastating"-
Joseph J. Sivak MD

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