Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well Doc Here I am again.

You have nagged me to post again. So I decided to post a post that my wife posted on my blog. Is that toooo many posts. She is my main caregiver and since your blog is more to that arena, I thought it would be ok. But notice her post is not 42 paragraphs like some people we know. Love You Man.

Joe posted a few weeks ago about the fact that we have had some difficulity. He has had some issues and yes I was hurt by them. But in all fairness I guess I am to blame too. As you know he can still find his way around the computer and sometimes it gets him and others into trouble. So as a caregiver and as a spouse I am going to say that we need to ask questions when our other half is doing something that we are not sure of. We need to check the bank statements and credit card statements just to make sure there are no charges there that we do not know about. $10 here and there really add up. Also just like we do with our children we need to know who they are talking to. Whether on the phone or on the computer. So I am sure that we will have a few more arguments about how we nag and are trying to control things but, if we don't damage can be done that can not be forgiven or forgotten. Fortunately we are working on our end. So do not be surprised when he writes that I am being a nag and not liking me or others very much. We do it out of love.
Pay Attention to what is going on around the person you care for.

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Joseph J. Sivak MD said...

Thanks Lynn, so true.

(Joe my posts are not 42 paragraphs, maybe 34 but not 42.)

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