Friday, February 26, 2010

CerafolinNAC- a medical food

FDA approved as a medical food. for the treatment of early memory loss including Alzheimer's disease. This has to do with vitamin B-12 and Folate which we have all heard of. In fact when a doctor does a workup for Dementia one of the reversible causes of dementia is a deficiency in these vitamins. It is treatable, that's why it is considered reversible, clinically it looks a lot like Alzheimer's. This is some of the blood-work the doctor orders when doing a dementia workup. Now people that have enough and normal levels of these vitamins still get Alzheimer's. Taking extra amounts of these vitamins does not stop or cure Alzheimer's. But it does show some promise in providing some cognitive benefit.
Much of the issue of B-12 and folate and cognitive decline has to do with metabolizing homocysteine. elevated levels of this amino acid are seen in many Alzheimer's victims. The reason, cause and effect etc is pretty interesting and a current area of research. I will discuss this more in future posts.

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